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Elena Tonra of Daughter on stage at Positivus Festival, Latvia (19th July, 2014)

© Pauliaus Krampo


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Baltic women’s costumes.


The Gentleman Amateur


Great Lakes deep freeze opens path to cathedrals of ice
by Andy Coghlan
Look out below! These people appear doomed by a gigantic overhead explosion. But they’re safe. The firework-like formations are actually icicles formed by huge waves that batter the Apostle Islands sea caves in the south-west corner of Lake Superior, just off the coast of Wisconsin.
The caves are normally inaccessible. But the exceptionally cold weather in the US this year has led to almost record coverage of ice over the Great Lakes, creating a safe route to the caves for the first time since 2009…
(read more: New Scientist)
image:  PA/AP/Minneapolis Star Tribune, Brian Peterson
In my left hand there is the familiar In my right hand there’s the great unknown
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